Hob (Setting Sun version)
Hob (Setting Sun version)
Hob (Setting Sun version)

Hob (Setting Sun version)

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It's hob. Finally it's hob. This version is coming on strong, he's showing his color, like a setting sun.

Eerie Theory Entertainment is proud to present it's first vinyl figure! Standing roughly 4" tall, Hob features twist articulation at the head and both legs. He is cute!

Companion of the wanna-be hero Crae, Hob meets the little lord whilst begging for coins in the streets of Nosvera. Does his missing arm tell a tale of his past life?

Knights of the Slice, Toy Pizza, Crae, Hob, and The Jagged Age are © 2018 Eerie Theory Entertainment
This is not a toy. This is an adult collectible. Ages 15+.